Finding the Right Location For Your Next Home

In trying to find the right location for your next home there are certain questions you should be asking yourself.  First is what town do you want to live in?  In determining the best town for your purchase ask yourself the following questions.  Are the taxes you pay a bearing on your decision process?  If so look at what each town’s tax rate will be.   Is how the town politically run important to you?  Go to the next town meeting and see for yourself the town leaders in action.  Are the schools important?  If so go on line and see through the state’s website where the town’s schools rank.  Are after school programs like sports, theater clubs, etc. important?  If so call town hall and always check and see if there have been any layoffs to teachers, police or fire departments.  If so that’s a sign of financial instability.

Once the town is picked now it’s finding the neighborhood.  First look 5 years into the future.  Will things be changing?  Will your family be growing or will the kids be going off to school?  A home today on a busy street may not be okay in a few years with young children so try to look into the future.  Always keep resale in the front of your mind.  If there are plans to develop land near you that can adversely affect your home’s value so keep an eye out for that.

Always walk into your local police department and ask about crime in the neighborhood.  Ask if there are any registered sex offenders and if so, where do they live?  Any high traffic areas that you may find yourself commuting every day?  Remember buyer beware; do your own due diligence.  Don’t count on others to do this for you.

And lastly put a list together of your wants and needs; as an example you need a fenced in yard, you want 3+ acres, etc.  Once you see them in writing talk them over and become well educated as to what you need and expect in a location.  By doing this I assure you it will save you a lot of time and heartache along with making you realtor’s job a lot easier and more efficient.

If you have any specific questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.  If you need any specific advice on a location or a community please feel free to communicate back with me.  Did you find this blog helpful?  Could I have offered more information? I’m always trying to learn and be able to offer you more so your comments are appreciated.

John Connolly

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