Weymouth Real Estate | I’m selling my home, how much work should I do?

When ever I hear this question from a seller I often respond by making them aware that kitchens and baths are often what sell a home. My first advice would be is to take care of the obvious, new paint, fresh landscaping, and carpets cleaned. All of those are easy and often will return you with a high financial reward. Some of the more costly improvements would be bath, kitchen, heat, roof, most of these if not all will be returned you all your money if not offer you a financial gain, but also keep in mind you will also get your home sold faster. Also note that any of these improvements even if there not completely remodeled like a kitchen that has been painted, new counter tops and new hardware will still add great value to your home.

I recently had Mike from Weymouth call me and ask is it worth re-finishing my basement in my condo? We looked at the cost of doing the job and had determined that the cost would not return him his money on its resale as he was preparing to sell his home.

Chris from Whitman asks should I add an additional bath on his first floor. My response was obviously with three young kids that he has he could see a huge value for it, as would a buyer we looked at the cost against the resale and determined it would be a worthy investment.

Do you have a question about resale value? Need acontraction referral? Please feel free to contact me for a quick response.

John Connolly, Vice President

SUCCESS! Real Estate

(781) 985-9064




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