Weymouth Real Estate | My home has been on the market for too long what can I do?

First you need all of the facts. What’s your real estate agent telling you? What feedback has your agent given to you after every showing? How long is the average home on the market for in that area? Let look at the town of Braintree for example, your average home under contract took 88 days to find a buyer for it. So if your home is on the marker longer than the average home you need to find out why. The most helpful advice would be to be as educated as you can possibly be. Know what your homes competition is, go out with your realtor and personally see them, listen to your agent if they are telling you its priced to high act on it. If they are saying that most buyers don’t like the smell of animals then remove the smell.

If your agent has not done a broker open house ask them to get the other agents feedback, I was selling a home in Weymouth and my fellow agent recommended we re-positioned the living room fortunately the sellers agreed to the idea also with some other tips and we had the home under contract ten days later.

By simply knowing the facts, knowing your competition and communicating with you realtor you will be on your way of finding the right buyer for your home. If you have a question that I can answer for you or a topic you would like me to cover then please feel free to respond back to me.

John Connolly, Vice President

SUCCESS! Real Estate

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