Weymouth Real Estate | What Every Buyer Should Know About A Home Inspections

I just sold a home in Weymouth to Roger and he asks me “do I really need to do a home inspection?”   My response on almost every occasion is yes.  It’s easier for me to tell you when you may not want to get an inspection and that would be on a new construction home.  One would have to assume that the town inspectors have just finished doing their final inspections before offering an occupancy permit.  You may not need to do an inspection; other than that situation I would always do an inspection.

What does a buyer need to know about a home inspector?   I would first ask the inspector if they are licensed, and if so with what?  You want to see they’re a licensed inspector in MA.  I would then ask if they are insured, ask what their cost will be, ask what does their inspection include and do they also check for pests or radon?  And finally, ask how long they have been in business.

General questions I’m asked about inspections is how long will it take?  Depending on the size of the home; 1-4 hours.  How much will it cost and how is the cost established?  The cost is $300 to $400 and the cost is usually based on the house size.  How do I find a good inspector?  Word of mouth is the best way and always check the references; if the referral comes from a neutral party the better the referral.  For example, your best friend had a great inspector they refer you.  What do I do doing the inspection?  My advice is stay close to the inspector, ask them questions, and note what they may be concerned about.  Some inspectors will ask you to sit back and ask questions later.  I say you’re paying them $100 per hour; you should be able to ask what you want when you want.  What happens if my inspector finds something severely wrong with the home?  Most inspectors will encourage you to bring in a specialist to help find a solution to the problem; if there’s a major electrical or plumbing issue be sure and bring in a licensed master electrician or plumber.

I hope this helps and if I can offer any additional help pleas feel free to contact me.

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