Weymouth Real Estate | Is the “Online Value” of My Home Accurate?

This question is often asked of me from homeowners who live in Weymouth; more often they may have been searching the web on either Zillow or Trulia.  So how is it that these sites can help determine the value of your home and how accurate are they?  Well these sites pull their data from like homes that have sold in your area that have recently sold.  What they don’t acknowledge is the condition and any upgrades to your home or any sold near you.

I have found more often than not these websites are not accurate with their values.  So how do I acquire an accurate value on my home?  You can either hire an independent licensed appraiser who will find 3 like homes that have recently sold that offer the same style, number of rooms, bedrooms, baths, living square footage, along with lot size.  This cost is usually around $300.00.  You can also ask a licensed realtor in your area to do the same.  I would recommend having 2 real estate agents visit your home and be sure they supply addresses to confirm their value.  A real estate agent should not charge you for this service and will more often than not use the same homes a licensed appraiser will use; they’re pulling data from the same source.

So online values on your home are helpful but not always accurate.  If you need a value on your home please feel free to communicate with me or if I can answer any questions please feel free to respond.

Are there any questions you wish I answered for you?  If so, just ask.  Contact me directly at john@johnconnolly.com or (781) 985-9064.

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