Weymouth Real Estate | Is Staging Your Home Really Going to Net You More Money?

The simple answer is yes!  I had a recent client of mine go online and download some great ideas on staging her home and within 2 weeks of her changes we had her home under contract.  What did she learn about staging?  She learned the basic rule of 3; you’re not to have more than 3 items on a counter or a shelf.  She learned less means more, meaning less clutter left around means more space; more perceived  space the higher the sale price.  Her garage was being used as a storage area; once she de-cluttered it and put it back to its original use the buyers saw more value in the home.  She removed some oversized furniture making her rooms flow better but also look larger than they were.  She repainted her daughter’s purple colored walls and made them a more neutral color.  She cleaned and painted her unfinished basement showing what potential the area has for further remodeling.

These are just some of the ideas she’s learned on staging her home.  They say if you do stage your home you will obtain as much as a 3% higher sale price and your home will sell faster.  You can find many reputable stagers to stop by your home on either an hourly basis or a flat fee.  If you need a referral please feel free to contact me.  And remember the best staging advice you can ever get is to clear out all the things in your home you’re currently not utilizing.  Keep in mind you’re going to have to get rid of the items on moving day; why not do it up front and sell your home for more money in a shorter period of time.

Are there any questions you wish I answered for you?  If so, just ask.  Contact me directly at john@johnconnolly.com or (781) 985-9064.

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