Weymouth Club | Health, Fitness, & Wellness Center!

The Weymouth Club is a GREAT place for individuals and for families! Family memberships are offered and there are many opportunities at the club.

The Club includes tennis courts, kids summer camps for dance and more, indoor and outdoor pool as well for kids, a spa, and of course a gym as well as many fitness, and mind body classes available to members! Wemouth Club also has more to offer you than just this.

Guests can also come for a day for a 23$ fee for Adults and 15$ for ages 1-17, Under age 1 is free for the day! Call the Weymouth Club today about membership and prices 781-337-4600. Your experience is important to them and they truly prioritize their members! So Join Today! 

Check out the website here: Weymouth Club Or better yet go in today and Membership can provide you with a full tour!


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