Apple Picking at Allandale Farm


Allandale Farm Harvest

Allandale offers a wide selection of fresh vegetables grown right outside our farmstand’s door.Tomatoes to lettuce, kale to sweet potatoes, hot peppers to melons and more are harvested and washed every morning, giving our produce a freshness you can only find at your local farm. That freshness provides for more flavor, higher nutritional value, and prolonged shelf life at your home. Though we’ve chosen to forgo organic certification, we grow all our own produce using sustainable and traditional organic farming practices.  Always have, always will.

This is the perfect place for apple picking season! Allandale Farm is a great nearby spot to enjoy the September weather and have wonderful outings.

Allandale Farm is located at 259 Allandale Rd,  in Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

They can also host events and parties for the get together of your choice!

Check out their website here: Allandale Farm

Questions?  Feel free to contact me ANY TIME!
John Connolly, REALTOR
c/txt: (781) 848-9064


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