Montana, Yellowstone & the Boiling River

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to make the trip out to Montana to visit my son at college.  What an amazing time to visit the area…I knocked a few things off my bucket list. You should add them to yours.  Here’s what I did…

Yellow Stone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a mecca for fun and exploration in the outdoors. Whether you’re a science geek learning about geysers, a family wanting to take a lake cruise or go rafting, or an outdoor adventurer wanting to hike the trails, you’ll find your bliss in Yellowstone.Definitely make sure to visit the park if you are ever in the area.

Click here to download the official Yellowstone park map.

The Boiling River

The Boiling River is on the North side of Yellowstone Park in Montana between the Mammoth Hot Springs and the North entrance.  What is the Boiling River in Yellowstone? It’s a sort of a natural hot tub where a large hot spring enters the cold water of Gardner Mountain River.  When the two waters mingle together it offers a temperature you could bathe in even though it’s 28 degrees outside.

The river is roughly a 10 minute walk from the parking lot.  The river entrance is marked by steam rising from the water – you can’t miss it.  Due to the shallow nature of the river you can not actually “go for a swim” but you CAN sit and enjoy the warm temperatures as you soak. Once you get acclimated you will quickly find the perfect mix of hot and cold water; it turns out to be a wonderful place to relax.

The Boiling River is a place like no other and without a doubt a unique wonder of nature along with a must see and to be put on your bucket list!

Click here to download the official Yellowstone park map.

Hiking & Skiing in Montana

While visiting I skied at Big Sky which is one of the largest mountain in United States.  Located right beside Big Sky is the Yellowstone Club a private ski and golf residential community which is quite a site to behold! I can imagine it must be amazing to live there.

You can’t help but notice a big, white, collegiate-style M emblazoned on the mountainside northeast of Bozeman. The M stands for Montana State University. Whether or not you cotton to the western tradition of posting white rock monograms on the sides of mountains (here’s an article that tells about their history), hiking to the M is a great way to dip your toe into hiking around Bozeman. My son, Jack and I were able to squeeze this hike in to our trip.  Something not to be missed if you’re there.

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