Why you should sell your home in 2020?

A good article I read the other day on why now is a great time to sell.  With inventory being so low and rates also staying historically low you can see why now is a good time to sell, and we have no idea where 2021 will bring us.  Look forward to hearing your comments.

Why you should sell your home in 2020?

Few people are predicting that 2020 will be a record-breaking year for home sale prices.

But relatively speaking, 2020 might be the best time to put your house on the market. Especially if you’re on the fence about selling this year or next, it may be better to sell in an environment that’s more predictable rather than wait for time to pass and circumstances to change.

Ryan Gorman, the president and CEO of Coldwell Banker NRT, predicts that the housing market will be increasingly healthy in 2020 – meaning home prices will continue to rise, but at a moderate pace. This means homebuyers are less likely to face affordability issues, and there will be a better balance between supply and demand for housing than in previous years when supply was limited.

If you bought your house in the past few years, still love it and don’t want to part with it, go ahead and wait another five years before revisiting the thought of selling. But if you’re weighing your options to sell and are considering selling this year or next, don’t play the waiting game.

Here are four reasons to sell your house in 2020:

  • New buyers are still entering the market.
  • Interest rates are expected to remain low.
  • You have high equity.
  • There’s no telling what 2021 holds.

New Buyers Are Still Entering the Market

If your house is at the higher end of the price range in your market, you should expect less buyer interest than in previous years. If your home is considered in the entry-level or midlevel price range for your city, however, expect to have interested buyers eager to move quickly.



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