8 Spring Lawn Care Tasks You Need to Do Now

On a much lighter note, Spring is now upon us and before you know it we will all be outside taking care of our lawns and plants.  Check out these tips on how to keep your yard and the exterior of your home looking as beautiful as you can.

How to prepare your yard for spring so you can enjoy it more and work on it less.

Temps might still be a long way from shorts and t-shirts, but if your soil is warming up, it’s time to tackle your spring lawn care tasks.

Especially if you want a gorgeous yard with the least amount of hassle.

#1 Seed the Lawn

Before soil temps reach 65 degrees, spread grass seed over any bare or thin spots. The sooner the grass roots, the faster it can box out weeds. Or better yet, put down sod — it fights crabgrass and weeds better.

#2 Clean Out Debris

Your yard is waking up from a months-long slumber, and it’s lookin’ a little groggy with branches, leftover leaves, and clumps of yard debris scattered about. Clean that unsightly detritus from your lawn and gardens after the overnight air temps consistently rise above freezing. (Before that, it actually helps protect your grass, like a toasty blanket.)

#3 Apply Fertilizer with Pre-Emergent Herbicide

It sounds like an old gardener’s tale, but even master gardeners follow it: If the bright yellow forsythia bushes are beginning to bloom, it’s time to apply a slow-release fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide to fight crabgrass. Apply before it germinates — when the soil warms to about 55 degrees, which is when forsythia hits peak bloom.


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