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How Long Will I Get the Chance to Stay in My Home While it’s Being Marketed as a Short Sale in Weymouth?

The answer to this question will vary from one home owner to another; why?  Because each lender has different time frames on handling a short sale.  The larger the bank usually the longer the time frame; the smaller the bank the faster they will move.  The average time for a short sale is around 90 days; that’s from once you get a committed buyer for your home, and you have a signed contract.

I suggest you contact your bank and ask them the average time your lender will take to close the sale, then ask your realtor what’s the average time it will take to put your home under contract.  Be sure and add some time for a distressed sale situation but once you add both time frames together you will have a rough idea as to how long you can stay in your home while it’s being marketed.

Some other tips I can offer you is to always be in touch with your lender during the sales process, respond to phone calls and letters immediately, always keep your real estate agent aware of your correspondence and make sure your agent is in constant communication with your lender on the sales process.

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